Madonna di Campiglio is planning a major innovation for ski enthusiasts. The snowmaking system will be substantially improved thanks to a new storage basin, lake Montagnoli which is under construction at Pian della Zedola, just under the shelter Montagnoli on Spinale Mountain. The lake will have a non-regular profile to reduce the visual impact on the environment, the banks will have gradients from 1: 4 to 1: 8 in order to avoid the need to surround it with fixed iron fences. The result will be to bring water storage general to 200,000 cubic meters, able to provide snow in all runs in the ski with ten days of adequate cold temperatures . A big step forward for a place that — compared to other resorts also much less noble — had a relatively poor capacity of snowmaking. The maximum volume of the reservoir is 192,000 cubic meters and the maximum depth of 12 meters.